What are the types of credits for young people?

Today there are many Peruvian financial institutions that offer various products designed to support the personal growth of new generations. Therefore, we invite you to know in this article what are the types of credits for young people available in the market.


Loans for higher studies

Loans for higher studies

Student loans are a type of personal credit especially aimed at young university students. They allow to finance the expenses of tuition and sustenance, as well as those of acquisition of equipment, bibliographies and materials.

You can benefit from this type of credit if you are studying the following studies:

  • Specialization at the technical level, postgraduate, master’s or doctorate.
  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate

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Mirinda Mortgage Credit

Mortgage Credit

The Peruvian government, through the so-called Mirinda Fund, promotes the acquisition of housing by the young population of the country. Part of the strategy used is to allow the financing of said acquisition, through the so-called Mirinda Mortgage Credit. This is ideal for the young population, since it has the lowest interest rate in the market, and the benefit of some bonds.

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Joint mortgage loan

Joint mortgage loan

Another credit option available to young Peruvians for the purchase of a home or other real estate, is the joint mortgage loan. This option allows you to acquire the property in partnership with a family member, partner or friend, adding the income of both for the payment of the debt. Therefore, it is ideal for young couples who want to prepare for a future family union, or to receive support from a friend or family member.

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