I’m in Credit Bureau, what does it mean?

On many occasions, when requesting your Digitt credit, people ask us: “I am in the Credit Bureau, will that affect my application?” For this reason, we decided to clarify all the important aspects related to the Credit Bureau in this article.


What is the Credit Bureau?

Credit Bureau?

The Credit Bureau is one of the two Credit Information Companies that exist in our country (the other one is Credit Circle), both are private companies that receive information from all the institutions that grant credit, store it and group it to display it in the credit history of each person. Basically, it receives and reports people’s credit information.

So … if I’m in Credit Bureau, is it bad? At the! All of us who have had some credit at some point, we are in the Credit Bureau, the only difference is that some of us have a good track record and some others have a bad track record. That is, being in the Credit Bureau is like when we all received our report card at school, only that some got good grades and others not so good …


And how can I know if I am right or wrong in the Credit Bureau?

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Too easy! Once a year, for free, you can enter the Credit Bureau page and check your Special Credit Report. In this document you will find how the companies that have given you some credit reported your behavior.

If you want to check it more than once a year, you can do it! You will only have to cover the cost of $ 35.6 dollars.

In your Special Credit Report you will find, mainly:

  • The credit information you have or have had: when did you get it? What kind of credit was it? What kind of institution gave it to you?
  • The amounts of the credits you have or have had.
  • If there is, the debit balance for each of your credits.
  • Your behavior paying those credits: here you can see if you paid on time or had late payments.
  • The status of your credits today, are they up to date? Do you have delays? Was any remover generated?

I consulted my Credit Report and it doesn’t look very good, can I do something about it?
Yes! It is possible to improve your credit history, in this article of our blog we publish some tips that will help you improve it, do not miss them!

Also, remember that if you have credit card debt, you can transfer it to Mr. Flaggers and this will help you improve your credit history.

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