Month: January 2020

Long-term non-bank loans online

Long-term loan or installment loan is now the most popular product available on the market. This type of loan is offered by more and more companies specializing in granting loans. These loans are characterized by a longer repayment period and the possibility of taking a larger amount of money. Currently, in some companies, we can
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The Advantages of Getting a Payroll Free Credit.

3 advantages of obtaining a credit without payroll Obtaining a credit without payroll can bring you several advantages. There is an unfair mythology with these operations. In the first place, because it is wrongly said that they will ask you for astronomical guarantees. In addition, because it is said that they will demand very high
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I’m in Credit Bureau, what does it mean?

On many occasions, when requesting your Digitt credit, people ask us: “I am in the Credit Bureau, will that affect my application?” For this reason, we decided to clarify all the important aspects related to the Credit Bureau in this article.   What is the Credit Bureau? The Credit Bureau is one of the two
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